Trade Terms

Quality Assurrance

IMARK strives to maintain an industry leading quality standard among our competitors for its extensive range of products. For any products found and approved to be of quality problem in customer's shipment, we provide free refund or free replacement.  Natural stone products are mined and cut from natural formations. Because these products are not subject to a manufacturing process, IMARK does not warrant natural stone products for shade, size, thickness, warping, cleft variations, surface finish variations, or other natural defects on stone products. Claims after a tile installation will not be accepted. 

Order Confirmation

Your order is finally confirmed once you made a deposit or full payment to the bank account of IMARK LIMITED. Please be careful when making payment to a sales representative's personal bank account.  IMARK will not be responsible for your loss if your money is not paid to the company's account. 

Order Cancellation

Orders placed to IMARK cannot be cancelled once we has already started the production. We will not refund your deposit paid for related order. 

Production and Shipping

IMARK will only arrange production and shipping when customer's payment has actually been in our bank account. We will not arrange production or shipping based on a bank slip or notice from customer. However, a notice from customer regarding when and how the payment is made could help us accelerate the process of your order. Shipping time can only be counted from the day we received your payment. 

Return and Refund Policy

We don't provide return or refund for dislike or any other reason except an approved quality problem of the tile. On the other hand, claims on the quality will be carefully accepted. 

Payment Methods

We currently accept wire transfer (T/T) and L/C at sight payments. 

Bank Accounts

We have a few bank accounts with different banks. The beneficiary of all accounts are the same. That is IMARK LIMITED. We use no other bank accounts for receiving payment.